Offshore, Outsource Or In-House Development, Which Is Best For Small Business Apps?

Offshore, Outsource Or In-House Development, Which Is Best For Small Business Apps?

What is best for small business apps? IT services market growth will be largely driven by offshoring organizations.

Across the globe, numerous businesses are facing rising pressure to compete and grow their operations to the next level. The way of doing business is evolving today with the transformation in the tech arena. Technology is now a competitive keystone of most companies.

But now many companies are asking, should I develop in-house or outsource? What about offshoring?

Outsourcing Vs In-house is a decade old debate in the custom software development industry and mobile app development is adding new dimensions to it. In-house is suitable only in few instances. On the other hand, outsourcing is evergreen option to explore with the onset of technologies. Also, offshore development has become a trend and tried-and-tested model today. IT services market growth will be largely driven by offshoring organizations throughout 2016.

A small sized business rarely appoints external developers to build up the application. On the off chance, a huge enterprise, however, has some potential benefits to manage that hard work in-house. Comparatively, it makes more business sense to hire a faithful, external mobile app developer to construct your successful mobile app instead of keeping it in-house, even for huge companies.

Let us evaluate the pros and cons of all 3 developments mentioned above, to help you make the correct choice for your next app idea.

In-house Development

Small Businesses often believe that hiring in-house mobile app developers will make the development process faster, more controllable, cheaper. But if your company is planning for in-house developers then a few points need to be analysed for finer resource utilization.


  • It brings in transparency in operations during the app development process.
  • There are no boundations regarding culture.
  • Save extra expenses by employing present resources.
  • You can cast for quality developers at affordable prices.
  • No worries about who owns your source code.


  • Starting expenses are very high, especially to set up entire infrastructure.
  • It may also cost high if you want to get all essential certificates and licenses for tools, code and software.
  • If your app developers get stuck mid-way and external consultants have to be roped in, there is a risk of running additional costs.

Outsourcing Development

Now we come to those app developers which are professionally hooked in the mobile app development process. Handing your project to a best mobile app development company is a wise step if you wish to save considerable money and time. Thus have a superior quality app that truly delivers value.


  • There is a fixed budget for a particular room.
  • Instant start of development process and no time wasted on market formalities.
  • You can find the experts by choosing the best mobile app development firm.
  • Fixed monthly salary and related expenses involve minimal risk.
  • Best mobile app developers get the job done faster with their superior resources and working experience.


  • Small changes could be expensive or take too much time to implement.
  • No control over the whole app development process and drain of intellectual capital.
  • Price rates are determined on per hour basis for outsourcing development services.

Offshore Development

Offshoring has made many rising companies whether small, medium or large dreams touch reality. Offshoring is the practice of placing some of your Business’s needs to an overseas supplier in order to take minimize the cost and time involved. It is a long-term competitive strategy to for success and profit.

While technically the idea of offshoring falls on the outsourcing side of the debate, it generally signifies important cost saving otherwise unavailable in your market. A growing number of firms and IT service suppliers now collaborate with offshore software developers (Like Us).


  • Offshore developers can seriously minimize development cost and the production cycle.
  • Deliver high-quality services; the services which have a variety of flavours.
  • Renowned offshore software firms carry out timely delivery of projects.
  • Business will remain operational round the clock.
  • Complete maintenance and post launch services once the project is completed.


  • Stability of the Offshore Countries may be a potential risk.
  • Sometimes native language and customs do not align well with yours.
  • Potential language barriers in countries like China, however not so much with India.

We Conclude

Having worked with clients on 5 continents and delivered more than 800 projects in last 10 years, we really think Outsourcing has saved tons for our customers and given them significant cost and competitive advantages. For most businesses this works.

Offshore Development is the best option for app development project. Today the modern communication technologies have made it feasible to connect you with your great offshore app development team within the fraction of the moment. Through video chats and other modes of communication it possible to feel you all in a single room. Offshore providers pull from an entirely different talent pool and may have a ready pool to tap.

The main objective is to get the desired service at a reasonable rate. Business means to make more profits without cutting down the quality. So build an offshore development team that won’t suck with Aquevix.

Let’s start a project!

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