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Aquevix is an award winning software development company. We build iOS, Android and Custom Software for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

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When building a complex software you would want a team that knows how to take it to the end. Here's why we think we are that team for you.

Engineering Focused
You want a seriously strong engineering team, not cheap labor. Our software developers are one of the best. From developing highly complex software applications manipulating real time data to building beautiful apps with impressive UIs, we’ve done it all!
Established Process
You want shorter software development cycle and proper SDLC lifecycle. Our managers have delivered custom business solutions to organizations worldwide. One of the things that sets us apart from the rest is our unique process.
Expert Guidance
You want a partner who guides you properly through each phase of software development. Our clients rely on our judgment as the most relevant insight when taking critical technical decisions. Sure, we build software like no one else. We’re the same at building partnerships too.
Quality Coding
You want a well designed, well coded software. At Aquevix, we lay immense focus on maintaining impeccable quality in all our software projects, big or small. This ensures that our applications are easy to maintain, extend and modify based on future needs.
Well Defined Costs
You don’t want to find hidden costs everywhere. At Aquevix, everything about your software project is intricately discussed and planned before commencing app development. It is impossible for you to encounter cost escalations or hidden costs without requirements change.
Security and Privacy
You want to ensure your data and your billion dollar idea is safe. We at Aquevix employ the best practices for security and data privacy. Your core data and passwords are handled by experienced software developers and senior system admins.
Aquevix Experience

Our Experience

We are focused on delivery. Here are some stats.

14 yrs
Lines of Code
9+ Million
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