Where is Microsoft Mobile headed

Where is Microsoft Mobile headed

Where is Microsoft mobile headed. The future of Microsoft. How Microsoft is losing it's user base.

I have used Microsoft Mobile phone for past 5 years. Used iMate, O2, Asus, HTC. The speed increased from 64Mhz to 200 Mhz to 524 Mhz. Then I got fed up with hangs, slow opening applications, dying voice and what not. So I threw away all my applications and restarted with Nokia E71. For first time in my life the phone sucked less and things were working better.

So why was Microsoft platform so bad?

No it is not third party applications. No it is not lack of CPU or memory. No it certainly NOT user error. No there are no missing updates. In fact there are no updates.

But of course it has its perks. Like all Microsoft products it comes with the problem of Virus and you can buy anti-virus.

Just today I came across a non related article. Here's what infoworld has to say:

Microsoft's real problem is Ballmer Microsoft axed two top execs for mobile and entertainment, but giving more control to Ballmer is only going to make its problems worse Whole lotta shakin' coming from the Redmond, Wash., vicinity, and I'm not talking about an earthquake. Yesterday Steve Ballmer beheaded his president of entertainment and devices, 22-year veteran Microsoftie Robbie Bach. Bach's top design guy, J Allard, went with him, though Allard is apparently being kept on in some vague advisory capacity probably to keep him out of the hands of Google. According to Allard, "no chairs were thrown." Note that Bach is claming this is a "retirement" and was entirely his decision. I'm not buying it. If that were true, they'd have someone new in the wings to replace him, and Microsoft would be rolling out a big sheet cake with Bach's name on it. That didn't happen. This is a sudden, major reorg of a key part of Microsoft's business. Bach got the boot because Microsoft is taking it in the assets in the mobile space, and the Redmond Behemoth has belatedly realized that's where its future lies. Yes, the Windows Mobile OS sucks harder than an asthmatic at an oxygen bar, but I'm not entirely convinced that's Bach's fault. An interface that's barely tolerable from 18 inches away with a full keyboard and mouse is completely useless on a 2- or 3-inch screen and a teensy keypad. And yet for years Microsoft has insisted on bringing the Windows to Windows Mobile. Whose vision was that? It wasn't Bach's. Windows on every device? Windows to control your phones and your TVs and the lights in your house? Windows in your car? That belongs to our favorite semi-retired billionaire, the churros-munching, hurricane-battlin' Billy Gates. So with Bach gone, Steve Ballmer is taking over Microsoft's mobile operations. That's a little like saying, "Son, you crashed the car, so I'm going to hand the car keys to this gorilla and let him drive for a while." via Microsoft's real problem is Ballmer | Adventures in IT - InfoWorld.


Should have guessed it. My bad.

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