How Pied Piper Saved Tons Of Money Using Offshore Developers

Vipul Arora
Vipul Arora
How Pied Piper Saved Tons Of Money Using Offshore Developers

How Pied Piper saved money using offshore developers. Silicon Valley showed how Pied Piper hired offshore developers to develop their platform.

IT services market growth will be largely driven by offshoring organizations throughout 2016. Countries like India leads the statistics in offshore business services worldwide in 2014.

‘Silicon Valley’ (a really loved American sitcom mostly for techno freaks) showcased how the 5 protagonists hired contract engineers from around the world to help develop their application platform. Eventually, hundreds of thousands of people downloaded ‘Pied Piper’ platform and the company dramatically achieved success.

Offshoring has made many rising companies whether small, medium or large dreams touch reality. This seriously helps them gain customers and increase revenue. A growing number of firms and IT service suppliers now collaborate with offshore software developers (Like Us).


Offshore development has become a trend and tried-and-tested model today. One of the prime factor, why any firm chooses to offshore jobs, is to minimize costs. It is a long-term competitive strategy to for success and profit.

For example, a U.S. accountant would be paid an annual salary of $62,000 to do a particular job in a year. Whereas, an Indian accountant will be paid around $5,000 per year for the same job. This means that the company saves $57,000 just by offshoring the job to a different country. So why not offshore!

Given below are the benefits of hiring an offshore software development company:

  • Cost Effective: While it may not be politically right, offshore developers can seriously minimize development cost and the production cycle. Especially in western countries, there are a few designers and developers. The rates of hiring locals are pretty hire. This is where Indian software companies step in; such companies provides good services at affordable rates.

  • Quality: Offshore development firms deliver high-quality services; the services which have a variety of flavours. They hire only skilled, talented and expert developers and designers who even know about latest technology and tools. As a result, the quality of the projects they work upon is always extraordinary and equivalent to the international standards. This greatly reduces the risk of project failures.

  • Timely Project Delivery: Established and renowned offshore software firms (Like Aquevix) carry out the timely delivery of projects. We always plan our project before we begin and deliver it to you within a stipulated timeframe, as per the planning.

  • Always Connected: Offshore companies have clear communication channels. You will never feel that you are not connected to that company. They will stay in contact communication through emails, phone calls, chats and even video conferences. They will keep you updated about the progress of the project. Thus providing you with a peace of mind.

  • 24x7 Assistance: The conversions and sales also increase to the great extent when the business will remain operational round the clock. When your day ends, your offshore team will work on the project.

  • Post Launches Services: Marketing and maintenance are really important for the better functioning of your project. A good offshore company (Like Aquevix) will provide you with the complete maintenance and post launch services once the project is completed, to fix the bugs and keep it up to date.  In case, you are not satisfied with the work, you can always ask the work to redone, without any additional costs.

  • Security : One of the main factors behind choosing an offshore firm is that they provide complete security to the data and other confidential properties of clients, thus making it highly safe and secured.

  • Infrastructure & Environment: Hiring an offshore company can ensure that you already have access to an already functioning infrastructure provided by any offshore development firm to start your projects. No extra or new infrastructure is needed to complete your projects.

It is really important to look for a good offshore development firm that will guarantee the above advantages to your business.

So build an offshore development team that won’t suck with Aquevix.

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