Every business needs a mobile solution! Why don’t you get it?

Every business needs a mobile solution! Why don’t you get it?

Why every business needs a mobile solution. Why mobile presence is important for a business to succeed.

Having a mobile solution for serving your business' needs better isn't as much a luxury anymore as it is a necessity.

Think about it, almost everyone you know today has a mobile device. Everyone is surfing the internet on these mobile devices daily. I bet you already knew this. But what you may not know is, for many, this is the primary form of browsing these days.

Mobile solutions are the smart new way to tackle business challenges and also reach your customers better. Much better, infact.

Majority of the brands are already aware of this fact and have been crafting mobile solutions that help them connect with their customers better and eventually drive their sales or drive up customer satisfaction. Are you in that list of innovators?

Celebrities, Banks, Hospitals, Restaurants, Radio & TV channels all know that anyone and everyone who has anything to do with them has a mobile device and that’s why they all have their own mobile apps. To help them connect better with their clients or form strong relationships promoting brand loyalty. Either way, they have a mobile strategy.

Continuing the trend, enterprises are fast warming up to this trend and building mobile solutions that not only address a huge variety of problems but also greatly decrease their costs and increase productivity. Managers are thinking smart and processes are becoming smarter as well.

For example, IKEA, the world’s largest furniture manufacturer approached us a few days ago for developing a custom mobile solution that would replace the safety manuals that they hand out to their employees. They wanted something that employees could just download from app stores and carry in their mobile devices at all times instead of a flimsy set of pages which you are most likely to forget lying on your car dashboard. What a fantastic idea! This is a classic example of leveraging mobile to your advantage.

In case you didn’t notice, these are the advantages:

  • An app can give you Push Notification for things like fire drills and safety workshops and reminders for the same. Manuals don’t!
  • You don’t have to worry about printing new manuals if you need to make updates or changes to existing data provided. You can simply make these changes in the backend of the app.
  • Face it! People are more likely to go through the safety manual’s guidelines if it’s an app and in their smartphones than if it’s a printed version of a ‘m-a-n-u-a-l’ ughh!! I wouldn’t want to carry around one of those with me to read in the subway or any other place for that matter. With an app, well I might just go through it while I’m commuting or sitting idle at the doctor's office fiddling with my phone.

Big problems are solved, long term costs are reduced and processes become efficient when you leverage mobile solutions to your advantage.

Just one more way mobile can simplify your business life.

What about you? Have you thought of a strategy that could revolutionise the way your organisation functions?

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