5 Ways To Drive Customer Retention With Mobile Apps

Jay Kaushal
Jay Kaushal
5 Ways To Drive Customer Retention With Mobile Apps

How to drive customer retention with mobile apps. Strategies to create a productive app for your business.

There is no doubt that mobile apps have evolved as a potential medium for businesses of all kinds and sizes over last three years. Mobile apps have become a major platform for the acquisition of users and driving deep engagements from loyal customers. But most importantly, your business can’t afford to ignore and lose those customers after they download your app.

80% of mobile apps are used only once and then straight away abandoned. Why is that?  Consumers no longer have patience for one-way advertising and slick sales tactics. They look services in the form of valuable, instant and meaningful.

Simply launching a mobile app won’t give you some real good money!

Several strategies which can be used to mould your app completely productive for your business.

Customers love rewards!

It is human behaviour, a user downloads an app mostly to avail some offers or discounts. You can provide your app users with some welcome bonus or extra points when they first download your app or purchase any product. A referral campaign is another good example to treat your customers with beneficial rewards such as exclusive coupons. This also re-engages the users who were earlier active with your app.

For example, your app could be as simple as offering a virtual punch card, which rewards coffee drinkers with a free cup every 10 purchases.

Engage Using Push Notifications

How many you open your email account daily? Very few. Mobile is the most easily accessible platform. Mobile apps provide businesses good opportunities to communicate with their customers in real-time through push notifications. You can send a push notification to your app users about special sales, exclusive coupons etc. or you may also use notifications to highlight useful; and interesting news, tips or guidelines. Delivering truly informative and engaging content will drag the customers closer to your products and services.

Geo-Targeted Advertising

Smart advertisements can target mobile app users by their particular location. Displaying ads that are contextually and geographically optimised. Businesses can plan out innovative campaigns based on what works best in specific geographic location. They can likewise show coupons to potential customers nearby or help customers discover the business by promoting directly on a map.

For example, when you visit some place to eat and chill, you get a push notification of nearby recommended restaurants or cafes and their special happy hours.

Provide Easeful Shopping Experience

For a good shopping experience, the mobile app should consume the least time of users. Such an app straight away becomes successful. For example, if a customer has already saved address earlier, don’t ask them to fill those details again. Alternatively, you can make it faster by simply asking them whether they want to receive the product at the same address or would like to add a new address for delivery.

Similarly, you can provide an option to save credit/debit card details. The user can then skip the tedious process of entering the card details during next purchase.

Data Gathering

In order to understand customer’s buying behaviour pattern and preferences, you need to gather information such as user’s location, purchase history, wish list, interests etc. This will ultimately help you to provide your mobile app users with the more personalised user experience. If your app succeeds in making users feel special, this will eventually help you gain customer loyalty leading to increased sales.

Building a mobile app for your business is the best way to reach your customers on the go. This is becoming one of the most effective ways to keep them coming back as well.

So start your own mobile loyalty program by building a successful app for your customers with us.


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