6 Things Non-Tech Person Should Know Before Developing Apps

Vipul Arora
Vipul Arora
6 Things Non-Tech Person Should Know Before Developing Apps

What a non-tech person should know before developing apps. The easiest way to get the app running is to hire an expert.

Today the way of doing business is evolving with the revolution in the tech arena. Businesses are grabbing eyeballs and delivering quick services to customers through mobile apps.

But what if you don’t have clear knowledge about programming and lengthy coding involved in creating great apps? Should you quit? The very simple answer is “NO”.

With the right skillset and mindset, even non-technical people can be equally successful as technical ones. It has been done before, plenty of times; and it can be done again. You just need a right set of people (Like Us) to turn your ideas into a successful product.

The easiest way to get the app up and running is to have someone else program it for you. And in order for that to happen, you first need to do some required work to make it easier for the developer.

Things A Non-Tech Person Should Know:

  1. Ideas are the starting point- The first phase of any project is often really important. If not taken seriously, it can lead to blunders. When developing a mobile app, it’s important to take the time to go through the necessary planning steps. Write down all your ideas in single document file such that they are easily understandable by the concerned authority. Prepare a plan covering each and every point about the project. Examine your organization’s goal for the program because who knows about your target audience better than you. It is important to have a strategy.
  2. Define technical specifications- With the goal in your mind, now you will have to clearly define your technical specifications such as UI or workflow of the app. Get out your pen and paper and start drawing. It’s seriously recommended to do some pencil work. If you are not a mobile UX expert, it is crucial to get some professional support at this stage. Need help? We are there for you. Pull us in the project at an early stage. Our team will help you to select your development platform and structures, which will define how users interact with your application.
  3. Learn about some programming jargon- Before you begin with the programming aspect of the project learn about some coding concepts and terminologies. Although that's not all-important, but it definitely helps to understand the vital concepts yourself; when you’re discussing the product with your developers in the initial phases. This will create the process of mobile app development easeful both for you and developers. We also guide you about programming tactics even if you are not unaware of programming languages.
  4. Hire an expert (yup, we are the best) - If you aren’t tech savvy, you need to take help from a suitable offshore organization. The one who will bring your vision to life. So where do you look for such organizations? Mostly the answer is Google. But that’s often a bad way. You can get it from references or leadership articles published by leading publications. Good-skilled people will generally find clever & innovative ways to get maximum bang for your buck. So do some effective research about the offshore companies such as Aquevix, who will mold your creative ideas into a finished product.
  5. Finalizing the contract- Once you have found the right set of people for developing a technical platform for you, just fix your meeting with them. In the meeting, talk about the goals, show them your pencil work and outline of your project that you have planned in earlier stages. After discussing each and every aspect of the project in the meeting; it’s time to sign the final contract and start your project. If you are a startup, go through all the terms and conditions carefully before signing the contract with the developer.
  6. Marketing & maintenance- This step is often overlooked or not taken seriously. Decide how your app will be distributed and open up your sales channels for business. Getting attention for your mobile app requires some serious leg work but it is well worth the while. Your app clearly means different things to different people. Providing timely updates to your customers is really important to keep them glued to your app. Ensure that you have proper resources to maintain your product.

So, if you have a dream to build the next big app or website, you'll need to know what the journey involves. It simply needs a little innovation, willingness and the technology to see the process through.

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