5 Myths About Apple’s Xcode You Shouldn’t Believe

5 Myths About Apple’s Xcode You Shouldn’t Believe

5 myths about Apple’s Xcode you shouldn’t believe. What makes Xcode so great? Learn about 5 Xcode myths.

Xcode is Apple‘s integrated development environment (IDE) for Mac OS X. It contains everything you need in order to create amazing apps for iPhones, iPads, Apple TV, Mac etc. Thus, Xcode is an incredibly productive environment for successful business apps development.

What makes Xcode so great?

The main reason is because there’s simply no IDE like it. It’s unique in the sense that Apple has created it to be simple, yet at the same time, it masks a powerful interior.

In spite of these merits, there are a number of steady misbeliefs about Apple’s Xcode that are probably clouding your understanding of how the operating system actually works.

Read on to learn about 5 Xcode myths:

  • Runtime Issues- That's right! The latest version of Xcode i.e 8 introduces runtime issues in addition to buildtime issues. So if you run the app in the auto layout at runtime, Xcode shows you runtime issues in Issue Navigator. All thanks to an improved view debugger. It has really improved the reliability and debugging is much easier than before.
  • Security To The User-  Who does not wants security? Surely everyone wants that. There is a myth that Xcode is not immune to malware and is not secure. But in reality iOS devices, platforms, and services provide world-class security and privacy to their users. A strong encryption to the network connection is not enough, your app should connect to the right server also. A range of APIs (mobile apps development) on iOs platforms enables your apps to employ secure network connections and to benefit from OS-level security policies. So if you are doing any kind of online transaction on your Apple device, feel absolutely secure to do that.
  • Memory Management- There is a typical myth that iOS apps take a lot of space in devices. But this misconception is absolutely incorrect. Business apps development using Xcode is thoroughly engineered to make your work faster and provide greater control. They don’t consume much memory. Xcode also includes a pretty good memory debugger for tracking down memory leaks and retain cycles.
  • Version Controlling - This is seen as a major help for the developers using Xcode to build iOS apps . It’s really easy for the developers to keep a check on all changes (updates) they have made in the previous version of the application.
  • Testing - Usually, people have a false belief that testing iOS apps are difficult. But the reality is that it is easy to generate various test cases such as functional tests, performance tests and user interface tests. The Test Navigator makes it incredibly simple to switch to any test in your project, execute an individual test, or execute a group of tests. Because everything is so well integrated, workflows feel natural.

Xcode is what Apple itself uses to produce its own innovative software, which is used by millions of people.

We hope this article has helped to set the record straight.

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