Startup Stories - How we built Muzibit

Jay Kaushal
Jay Kaushal
Startup Stories - How we built Muzibit

How we built Muzibit. The backstory of Muzibit. Why people should download and try Muzibit.

You are only as good as your last app. We’ve framed this quote and hung it on the wall for more than 5 years now.

In a nutshell, this is what our real strategy is. We’ve created a lot of mind-blowing mobile apps and a lot of awesome web apps but we’ve always focused on moving ahead and doing bigger things.

This time we have brought out something that has the ability to revitalize the existing music sharing concept. Muzibit- A mobile app that is solely dedicated to redefining music. It’s more than just an app- it is a music based ‘Social Network’ for the music maniac. The exciting thing for us: It's a startup!

How it started

Nearly an year ago the founder of Muzibit, Rahul Anand called us from the US with his startup idea. It was a rough idea for a free music sharing and streaming app for iOS and Android that could connect music lovers from across the world and redefine music sharing.

He wanted to develop something really different for the music world and change the status quo. “ Music should be social you know. It needs to transcend the boundaries. It has a lot more scope of sharing than right now. We need to leverage mobile” is what he said to me in our first meeting with him.

Inspired by the way people across the world connect with each other with several social media platforms, he wanted something that is totally dedicated to bringing music lovers and musicians closer to each other.

How we began building this startup concept

He finished his part of sharing his ideas about his dream with our team. At that time, it was all just an abstract concept. Nevertheless, this was the first step towards realizing the innovation that is the Muzibit app. From here we geared ourselves to transform our client’s ideas into reality. Of slowly changing ideas and abstract concepts to reality.

It was not easy by any means. We conducted as many meetings as were required, long discussions for hours on end, brainstorming sessions, white-boarding sessions and basically anything that was required to develop a strong architecture that was scalable and robust. We were very focussed on building a strong foundation that could ensure growth for the startup as required.

We had to go through the finest of details right from the requirements stage, so as not to skip any vital information or details while scoping and executing the project. When we were all set with the full-fledged plan and the whole development structure to start the app development phase, we went full steam ahead.

It’s said that “Well begun is half done!”. And yes, we had completed the typical phase of project planning but the other half was not easy by any means. At every stage in the development process, we had to toil in order to fix bugs or address glitches.

True, having a skilled, expert team of app developers and engineers we had it easy than the typical app dev company but we came up with the best solutions each time testing found an issue. Some features were smoothly envisioned and integrated, some were not. Sometimes we had to improvise and other times it took much less time than we anticipated. The end product turned out beautiful though and for all to see.

Building from concept to mobile app

Few hours into the time Rahul Anand, the founder was given the access to explore the final build of the Muzibit app, we received a call from him. He was so amazed with the app that all he could say to sum up his excitement in a single sentence was- “It has surpassed my expectations, and it was all in time for my birthday!“

Muzibit is among the most remarkable apps that we have developed in recent times. It’s uniqueness lies in the innovation and the freshness of a startup. The concept of music based social networking is something that is so fresh it makes you smile.

We have done apps and are still doing a couple that are a 100 times more complex and large scale but it’s working with startups that really makes you feel good about what you do. To take an abstract concept and transform it into something real. That's what we take pride in, at the end of the day.

Why you should download it and try it out too

Coming back to Muzibit, Apart from music sharing and streaming, the app serves as a social platform to bridge the gap between music lovers and musicians.

Be it creating playlists, recording compositions or sharing them with other music lovers- Muzibit includes everything!

Getting updates about musical events & booking tickets, compiling them into a musical journey, audio & video sharing, music news, knowing the latest music trends, connecting with musicians & music lovers across the world, organizing music into moods, posting & commenting on others’ posts- this revolutionary app covers a huge range of features.

In fact, no other music app in the PLAY store or iTunes has so many features in a single solution!

Muzibit is the freshest example of our expertise in app development, client satisfaction, team dedication and innovation. We are extremely proud to introduce Muzibit as a finished product, as a startup concept.

We feel Muzibit has the ability to compete with the top music sharing apps available in the app market. Our client’s appreciation and users’ reviews always motivate us to associate with more and more startups and help build their dreams.

Who knows, the next project that we build, could be yours!

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