Is the future of data services Azure?

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Is the future of data services Azure. Azure is charging premium amounts for a new technology

Last Thursday I was at Microsoft ISV day. To my surprise, Steve Ballmer (Microsoft) was there for keynote. I was expecting a virtual Steve Ballmer on a screen. That was nice of him to show up.

Anyway, the conference did not turn out as useful as I had hoped. The initial talks were about Cloud Selling. Cloud is the future, cloud can bring literacy in lives of poor, cloud can feed the hungry and so on.

But when you look at the cost of Cloud, it's on cloud 9.

How frequently do data centers go out that Clouds don't? In the end, clouds also live on a data center, although distributed.

To me cloud computing seems like just a distributed hosting provider that is charging premium amounts for a new technology.

I seriously doubt this is the future of Windows platform.

Mr. Steve Ballmer, you are wrong again.

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