Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, ModX, Silverstripe - What CMS to use for customized websites?

Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, ModX, Silverstripe - What CMS to use for customized websites?

What CMS to use for customized websites? Disadvantages of chosing drupal. Disadvantages of chosing wordpress.

When you want a serious CMS development platform, don't choose drupal, wordpress, silverstripe or joomla. All these come with a complex set of popular but difficult to customize modules. They require time, cost and countless days of burning midnight oil.

However there is another platform you may not have heard of. Its called ModX (http://www.modx.com). Simply put its the platform for CMS development on PHP. Why? Let me count the ways.

  1. It allows complete customisation of frontend and backend from an easy to use backend.
  2. The template processing engine is FAST.
  3. It has serious caching built in. Sometimes too serious.
  4. Large community using the CMS.
  5. ModX is almost a framework except for the file based development system.
  6. It is rather easy to write snippets of code, html.
  7. ModX has a Plugin system that allows event based development
  8. ModX provides comprehensive Role based security and access control.

So when is ModX a good choice? When is it not? Use ModX when:

  • You want a website that needs a good amount of customisation (beyond templates).
  • You want a very fast website.
  • You need to have modules and role based access to your content.
  • You need more than a point and click CMS

Don't use ModX if:

  • You want a simple website with mostly content
  • You have a smaller budget and want to work with off the shelf templates, modules
  • You have a team which is familiar with existing CMS
  • Your boss likes Wordpress

Don't take our word for this. Try out ModX yourself and you will never look back. And yes, we develop in ModX!

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