Artificial Intelligence and it's Impact on Jobs

Artificial Intelligence and it's Impact on Jobs

Impact of artificial intelligence on jobs. How artificial intelligence can take over jobs in future. Threat of artificial intelligence.

This time the outsourcing battle will be between man and the machine. Bring it on!

Kurzweil claims that whenever technology hits a limit, “a paradigm shift (i.e., a fundamental change in the approach) occurs, which enables exponential growth to continue.” That’s not much more than a convenient article of faith. As Peter Thiel points out, “technological progress has fallen short in many domains. Consider the most literal instance of non-acceleration: We are no longer moving faster. The centuries-long acceleration of travel speeds … reversed with the decommissioning of the Concorde in 2003.”

Singularity and its impact is a long road ahead. There is a marked difference between intelligence and brute number crunching. I for one do not agree to singularity as a function of computation itself. When we screw up so much writing simple code, how the hell will we program a flawless singularity?

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