5 Reasons Why Your Business Urgently Needs A Custom ERP

5 Reasons Why Your Business Urgently Needs A Custom ERP

Why your business urgently needs a custom ERP. A custom ERP solution is developed to provide accurate process control.

In this highly competitive world, the biggest challenge faced by businesses is regarding inventory management. It is serious problem when employees are unable to answer customer problems properly. If there are delays in assisting your clients, your production is badly hampered. Ultimately it affects your image.

If this sounds like your business is close to it, then it is the perfect time to consider an ERP system.

There is no doubt that business apps have evolved as a potential medium for businesses of all kinds and sizes over last three years. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the current high-end app solution. Information Technology has lent to the world of business applications.

In a recent research conducted by Software Advice (2013), it was invented that businesses that use custom ERP applications specifically designed for their industry are 72% more likely to meet user needs. A custom ERP solution is developed to provide accurate process-control. Thus, allowing streamlining of processes through single-point data storage and retrieval. A fully customized ERP application provides businesses with tools to effectively build proactive relationships, maintain and monitor equipment, provide increased customer service and offer superior sales support.

Is your business facing some of the issues mentioned above? Then read on to discover the top five reasons why your business requires an ERP software—

  1. You Have Lots of Different Software for Different Processes - Firstly, conduct a research to find whether accounting people use one system for receivables and payables, and sales staff use another to enter in customer orders? Is the process of taking and delivering those orders require manual intervention? When the various front and back-end systems run distinctly, it can create havoc on the processes that are meant to ensure your business is functioning smoothly. A custom ERP app integrates these systems so that every business function depends on a single database. The best ERP app breaks up information logjams and helps employees take better decisions. It also frees up their time to work on more high-value exercises like helping the business grow even faster.
  2. You Don't Have Easy Access to Information About Your Business - How long would it take you to figure out, what’s your average sales margin is? For organizations that lean on siloed systems and spreadsheets that require being constantly updated manually, it could be a long wait. The pace of business is faster than ever before. This means that employees across your organization need instant access to key data. With a successful ERP software, executives can get a holistic view of business operations at the real time, while other staff can get the information they need to do their jobs more effectively.
  3. Accounting Takes Longer and Is More Difficult - If your employees depends upon paper-based invoices and sales orders, spends hours every week by manually entering data into different accounting and sales systems. You need to opt for the best ERP application. An ERP software helps in financing by allowing companies to successfully maintain their financial information like that of the assets, accounts, budgets and cash. Your accounting staff will be more productive, helping them to deliver critical reports without delays and frustration.
  4. Sales and the Customer Experience Are Suffering - As businesses grow, one of their major challenges is often inventory management. Confirming that the right amount of products is in the right location at the right time is a vital part of business operations. When inventory, sales and customer data are maintained distinctly, it can lead to serious problems across your organization. Also, if a customer calls to interrogate about an order and employees can't track it, your company will start to develop a poor reputation for service and reliability. With an ERP application build for businesses, staff in every department will have access to the same and instant information. It will possible to answer customers questions about order and shipping status, payment status, etc., without having to hang up the call and check with another department.
  5. Need For Material Maintenance - A custom ERP application allows a company to successfully automate the process of buying and maintaining materials. There are modules that record the supplies that are purchased and an estimate can be made about how these materials should be distributed. It also becomes feasible for a business to predict the demand of the market based on economic statistics, history, and data from their employees.

Rather than adding more software and complexity to an already ineffective system, custom ERP software can give you the agility to respond to changing business needs rapidly.

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