Why a Custom CMS (Wagtail) is Better Than Wordpress

Vipul Arora
Vipul Arora
Why a Custom CMS (Wagtail) is Better Than Wordpress

Why Wagtail is a much superior CMS to Wordpress. Get in touch with Aquevix to build a successfull mobile app for your business.

Just because a majority of websites are hosted on Wordpress, doesn’t mean that it’s a right fit for you. Every business has different requirements and not all of them find Wordpress as their best option.

No matter what kind of market you’re selling to or what kind of content you provide, choosing the right CMS for your needs is crucial. So don’t settle with the mainstream platform without doing a lot of research.

Ultimately, the verdict comes down to which system best suit your requirements. To help you choose wisely, here are 5 big reasons for you to go with a custom CMS like Wagtail instead of WordPress.

1. Security

Since Wordpress is open source, anyone can get access to its code. Where this is great for flexibility, it also threatens it’s security. Every day, new vulnerabilities are found in its code due to regular attacks. This puts your site at severe risk just because you inherit the same base code everyone is using.

A customer CMS, however, has its own unique code. Nobody has the access except the developer. Since the platform is completely customizable to your needs, the developer can add additional security to your command.

2. Speed

It goes without saying that website speed is a critical factor when it comes to user experience and Search Engine Optimization. The longer it takes for a webpage to load, the higher will be it’s bounce rate. Google considers the speed of a website to be a critical factor when it comes to ranking them. So you may want your website to be as fast as possible if you don’t want all your content efforts to go in vain.

Considering how Wordpress works for countless websites worldwide, it inherits the threat of bloated code. The amount of plugins and scripts that are loaded into a webpage makes it slower. With Wordpress that would be an inevitable case, since you need to customize your website with plugins in order to differ from their generalized platform. Slow load times cost online shopping cart merchants billions of dollars every year.

With a custom CMS, you can avoid this particular clutter. Considering how your website will only include the code that it requires to function properly, it will have higher loading speed.

3. Customizability

Since almost 60% of websites use Wordpress for their content management, a lack of customization is basically inevitable. This makes it extremely difficult for the user to create a platform that perfectly suits their content design and marketing needs. Even though Wordpress offers a ton of plug-ins and add-ons to promote their customizability, there’s still not much wiggle room.

With a custom CMS, on the other hand, you could build a platform to exactly match your vision. The UI is pleasing and easy to use. If you want the freedom to frame your website the way you want without any restrictions, a custom CMS is your best bet.

4. Support

Being a global provider for website building and hosting services, Wordpress offers decent support to its users. But that’s all there is to it. You have to be aware of the fact that you share the same status as the million other websites in its realm. You will be given as much support as an open-source service provider can give you. But we all know that in the end, it’s not enough. Your goal is not to be like every other website. In order to succeed against the competitors, your website needs to be different from them, not the same thing with a different theme.

A custom CMS, however, comes with a development partner (much like us) who will be experts with the entire platform. Meaning you would have 24/7 support from the development team to make any changes or addition to your website.

5. Search Engine Optimization

As discussed above, choosing Wordpress could severely hinder your site’s loading speed which will negatively affect your Google ranking. In its defense, there’s tons of SEO plug-in available for your Wordpress website, but isn’t that a problem? The whole reason behind the slow loading time with Wordpress websites are these so-called plug-ins. The more you have on your website, the longer it will take to load. In essence, these plug-ins defeat their own purpose by cluttering an already bloated code.

But speed isn’t the only issue here. Google is known to run over 200 algorithms to determine your page rank in response to relevant keywords. WordPress websites require a shit ton of SEO efforts to make them search engine friendly. To begin with, the default permalink, SEO titles, meta descriptions, Replytocom, and other URL parameters are some of the biggest issues here. With the default settings of a Wordpress website, getting listed on the first page of Google would be the least of your concerns.


In a nutshell, a custom CMS like Wagtail will offer you a variety of essential advantages when compared to pre-built platforms like WordPress.

If you’re going for a simple and easy blog then maybe Wordpress could work in your favor. For bigger projects, however, it’s probably not your best option for the reasons discussed above. Security, Speed, Customizability, Support, and Search Engine Optimization are all crucial factors which cannot be ignored.

While looking for a custom CMS in the market like Wagtail, it opens room for a ton of possibilities. Your website should be absolutely flawless and strictly based on your needs without any restrictions. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

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