Virtualization at Aquevix

Virtualization at Aquevix

Virtualization at Aquevix. Aquevix has most of it's servers as virtualized instances on XenServer platform.

We at Aquevix believe very strongly in energy conservation. Virtualization of various servers is a sure shot way to achieve this. Currently we have most of our servers as virtualized instances on XenServer platform.

Our base setup is as follows:

  • Server with Quad core Xeon
  • 4-8 GB RAM per server
  • Hardware raid card with 128/256 MB RAM
  • 4x 250 GB SATA Hard drives in Raid-10 configuration
  • XenServer 5 instance with Ext3 local disk configuration

We get excellent power savings at very low price and can handle around 20+ running instances per server with mild/moderate activity. For development machines we usually max out at 10-12 instances.

An additional advantage we get is easy cloning and moving of machines in case of load or problem with the server.

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