Virtualization at Aquevix


We at Aquevix believe very strongly in energy conservation. Virtualization of various servers is a sure shot way to achieve this. Currently we have most of our servers as virtualized instances on XenServer platform.

Our base setup is as follows:

  • Server with Quad core Xeon
  • 4-8 GB RAM per server
  • Hardware raid card with 128/256 MB RAM
  • 4x 250 GB SATA Hard drives in Raid-10 configuration
  • XenServer 5 instance with Ext3 local disk configuration

We get excellent power savings at very low price and can handle around 20+ running instances per server with mild/moderate activity. For development machines we usually max out at 10-12 instances.

An additional advantage we get is easy cloning and moving of machines in case of load or problem with the server.