The SmartWatch is here to stay

The SmartWatch is here to stay

The smartWatch is here to stay. Why smartwatch is going to be a success.

James Bond had one and so did every other spy who stayed abreast with cutting edge technology. Now you can have one too. Even better, James bond never heard of Push Notifications. So what took them so long to bring this for me?

With the advent of intelligent devices such as the iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy series of Android devices and numerous other android phones, it was only a matter of time before the market leaders stepped up the ante. Along came Google Glass but only as a trailer of the bigger things to follow.

You may have heard about the Pebble and the Sony Smartwatch and maybe even the lesser known cuckoo Smartwatch and the Motoactiv. You’ve seen what they are capable of and you’ve been probably largely unimpressed and left craving for more. Well, the time has certainly changed. These watches started a new era of commuting and forced the market leaders to rethink. Now Microsoft, Apple, Samsung and (the frontrunner of them all) Google are working to get their smart watches ready pretty soon!

What that could mean for all of us? that an era which has just begun is fast picking up speed. We are certain that the voice command technology used in the smart glass shall be used in the Smartwatch as well. How else will you type in a Smartwatch?

Initially Apple and Samsung will probably offer a Smartwatch to accompany the smart phones that they already manufacture.

The first step to multi-device sync has already done by Apple with push notifications sync and various other seamless updated to devices coming with iOS 7. Android seems to be behind in these technologies so it will be interesting to see what Samsung Smartwatch will offer.

With these devices entering market, we look forward to watches that can perfectly be synced so you never have to lose a thing. Your phone can be in your bag and you don’t miss out on a call or a text or a tweet or a comment on your status update on Facebook. You could be in a meeting and although your phone is on silent you can cleverly glance at your watch and know exactly who’s calling you or an important mail or an important text. Or you could change the channel on your fm radio or play your favourite song on your phone from across the room.

We didn't wanted the earlier smart watches because they were half-baked designs with minimal functionality like the cuckoo Smartwatch. The lack of a battery indicator and no touch screen like the pebble. We want a simple sleek design, useful features and a long battery life and of course the other things that we can’t think of but the guys at Google, Apple and Samsung can. Oh, did I mention that it needs to be affordable too.

The new battlefield for all the tech giants is now ambient computing. Wearable devices like smart watches, glasses or consumer devices like Smart TV, Smart cameras, Smart refrigerators, Smart cars, Smart boom boxes. Lets the world war begin!

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