Will wearable technology ever gain mass appeal?

wearable technology

‘Appeal’ is something that mainly stems out of utility and appreciation. Any technology that you find appealing is invariably one which you find to be of very high utility or of a certain appreciative value to you.

Another important factor is viability. Viability is dependent directly on the ratio between Cost and utility.

Technology that is viable, powerful and awesome is extremely appealing. Think about modern smartphones after the introduction of the Android OS or Laptops after they began being manufactured by a number of different tech giants and in a race to impress the customers, the price reduction was coupled with a rise in powerful features offered.

That’s the trick right there!

Wearable technology will be of little relevance…. As long as it’s presence is orchestrated by only a monopolistic market. You want it to be appealing, think about perfect competition!

As long as there are only a few makers of wearable technology in the market, it may not be said to have fully arrived at the scene at all!

Only when all the big players in the market Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Sony, htC and various other formidable small players as well, begin to seriously launch their respective projects in the market, will wearable technology ever find relevance.

Only then will design innovations manifest. Only then, will the features, power and competence of wearable technology (with other forms of technology) grow and gain mass appeal!

Until then… wearable technology is merely something that is new, fresh and interesting…. But not appealing!