Ultimate Guide For Mobile App Trends That’ll Continue To Rule In 2017

Ultimate Guide For Mobile App Trends That’ll Continue To Rule In 2017

Latest mobile app trends of 2017. The internet of things revolution. Mobile apps to incorporate mobile payments.

What a year it has been, time has definitely flown by. Now we’re at the business end of 2016 and about to welcome 2017 in a few days. Truly, 2016 was a turning point for most mobile app vendors. The way of doing business is evolving today with the innovation in mobile app development.

According to Gartner, 268 billion app downloads will generate $77 billion worth of revenue in 2017. The smartphone users are predicted to grow from 4.61 billion users in 2016 to 4.77 billion users in 2017. As the number of successful mobile apps is growing immensely, customers are getting tired of having their mobile devices stuffed with all those apps. Hence, the competition in the mobile app world is going to become fiercer.

What innovations of mobile app world will lead your business idea to boom in 2017? Should you create a small promo-app or open the virtual market?

As the barriers of advancements continue to be pushed with breakthroughs in mobile technology, there will be more to come in the new year ahead. Without further hubbub here are the mobile app trends we predict for 2017.

The Internet Of Things Revolution

As per an article published by Business Insider, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a network that comprises of devices that can connect to the web. The IoT ecosystem enables entities to connect to, and control their IoT devices. While the total IoT objects in 2016 were 17.68 billion globally, it will further trend in 2017 and become even bigger in the future. According to a report issued by Intel, it is predicted that the number will rise to 200 billion objects by 2020. In the future, IoT apps will be widely used among numerous industries, such as retail, IT, health, manufacturing and security. For instance, beacon technology is a popular tool that is used in the business mobile apps. The primary purpose of this technology is to blur the inequality between online and offline. It is a location-based technology which helps in tracking the right location which is giving essential information the user requires.

Interactive Push Notifications

Push notifications provide amazing ways to interact with users. Today it is turning into a feature that allows users to take an action, for example responding to messages without even opening the mobile app. It ultimately saves a lot of time and battery life as well.

Apps To Incorporate Mobile Payments

Mobile phones in today’s world are vital and cannot be replaced quickly. Smartphones have made it simple and more convenient for us to shop and checkout. Today there are various mobile wallets and payment apps available, such as PayPal, Paytm and Apple Wallet. To conclude, mobile apps are becoming the most popular payment method. According to current observations, mobile payments are expected to grow and become more. In 2017 it is estimated that total payments by mobile apps will comprise of $60 billion.

Virtual Reality & Artificial Intelligence

Virtual reality or augmented reality has its special place in the mobile gaming zone. The virtual dimension is attractive and serves real people needs. Look at the example of the widely popular game - Pokémon go. It’s there everywhere and has gone viral from the time it was released. As an outcome of its huge success, we suspect that Augmented Reality apps will get bigger next year and beyond. That’s how the virtual levels of reality and online became real parts of our life.

According to a report, it is likely that the number of Virtual Reality user will reach 171 million by 2018. In fact, the total revenue in VR and AR market was a predicted amount of $5.2 billion this year and will be expected to increase to $162 billion in 2020. Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, is slow but gaining page in the mobile field.

Ensuring Security

Since the mobile app development industry is rising, the number of security threats have also grown to a great extent. An announcement was made about incorporating robust App Transport Security (ATS) for all iOS applications during the World Wide Developers Conference. Not only this, the emphasis on enforcing stronger data encryption in new apps has been illuminated by Apple developers. Whereas, Google is looking ahead to keep things tighter by using a much more granular app permissions model as well as automatic security updates. Mobile phones are very personal devices, securing it is a must.

Appealing the masses isn’t the ultimate step to have your business mobile app booming in the market. You’ve got to find the right people at the right place. Simply figure out them, engage then fulfil their needs and lastly comfort them. Customers need to know more to choose precisely. They want to experience unusual feelings.

2017 is going to be an even bigger year with lots of opportunities, especially for businesses. To get the result in 2017, you should start right now.

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