The reason you need a mobile presence

The reason you need a mobile presence

The reason you need a mobile presence. Why your business needs a mobile presence.

Aha. I didn’t catch the soap last night on TV. I didn’t watch the late night sky shopping show either. And I didn’t watch any of the matches of the Euro Cup or the NBA on TV either. But that doesn’t really make me feel left out as I wasn’t the only one who didn’t catch them on TV, there were millions of others like me and we all caught the matches on our smartphones and tabs while travelling, during our lunch break or casually sipping coffee at Starbucks.

In fact… if it wasn’t for the ESPN app that I have installed in my Smartphone, I had almost forgotten about the Italy Vs France fixture of the Euro Cup! Phew! I got a notification just in time and I logged onto to catch the live action! ;)

That’s how easy life is in the Digital Age! No wonder the TV industry is having its worst year in a long time (although the worst is yet to come!).

According to the latest stats, there has been only negative ratings growth since September 2011 (The Olympics). All the major TV providers lost a collective 113,000 subscribers in Q3 2013 in their worst year ever!

In all, about 5 million people ended their cable and broadband subs between the beginning of 2010 and the end of this year. Clearly, broadband hasn’t benefitted from the decline of the TV either.

If you can read between the lines I’m sure you would have realized by now…..

The era of watching stuff you want on bulky stationary devices imperative for which is your motionlessness is apparently and thankfully over! The new age mantra is to get the content right where you are on the smart device of your choice!

In fact, one of the biggest macro economic factors behind the decline of the TV is that fewer households these days have a TV!This really comes as no surprise once you relate it to another piece of information:

40% of YouTube’s traffic comes from mobile devices!

Tablets are actually taking up prime time slots now. This is the time people used to devote to TV… and just like that! Poof! It’s the time of the vampire media (ipads and other tablets).

Paradoxically though, the price for TV ads is on the rise. This is because it is still quite difficult to gather an audience in as large a scale as you can during a major event such as say… The Super Bowl!

What that implies is: not only reaching out to people on digital media such as smartphones and tablets is easy and relatively cheaper, it is also much more effective.

Figure this, the biggest reason that has led to the decline of both the broadband and the cable TV is the rise of the WiFi.A lot of which is free in a lot of places. Close to 60 cities in the US have free Wi Fi!

The bottom line: If your business doesn’t have a presence on the most popular digital media of this generation i.e. smartphones and tablets, you are actually losing out on a huge amount of opportunities!

The perfect app for your business not only connects you better to your consumers, it helps you market yourself better and effectively.

In other words, If your business doesn’t have a presence on mobile media…

It doesn’t exist!

Food for your thoughts:

(I am confused over the right keywords for this article though. Should be closer to 'digital' or 'mobile'?

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