Nokia just doesn’t get it – Open letter to Nokia E-71 Support

Nokia just doesn’t get it – Open letter to Nokia E-71 Support

Open letter to Nokia E-71 support. Why Nokia is going to fail in the future. Nokia is losing it's user base.

When Nokia releases a Business Phone, what exactly do they mean by Business Phone? Does it means a business person can use the phone? Or does it really means it has all the features typically needed by Business person?

I think it's more of the former than latter. That's why my recently purchases Nokia E71 keeps constantly connecting and disconnecting to Jabra bluetooth headset.

As per Nokia, it is a Jabra problem. Well... if that is true why doesn't this problem happens with 9 other phones I have tried or with my laptop or my cousins Motorola? Maybe they are all bad phones and they can work with bad headsets.

Don't even get me started on the dumb implementation of tasks. How stupid do you have to be to put all undated tasks as 'today'? Now i have 140+ tasks and the application is useless. Has ANYONE in Nokia ever used a Task list? EVER?

Not to mention the nightmare called PC Suite. Forget Bluetooth sync, even when using the USB cable, the PC sync gives error that has no meaning what so ever and Nokia support does not even lists the problem in their FAQ.

But a quick search on Google will give you millions of users with same problem and no answer but to try resetting their device and keeping their finger crossed.

Is this what you call Business Phone? Come on Nokia, you can do better than this.

Here's an open letter to Nokia Support. If you think you can do better, give me a call.

Nokia PC Sync has SO MANY problems that I must say it is a really bad software that does not works. Problems: Continuous connections/disconnections via Bluetooth. Errors: PC Sync has encountered a problem and has terminated the synchronisation No help is provided by Nokia. Is this what you call "Business Device"? For a respectable company like Nokia, I expect more than simply reset your device. Why are nokia engineers not able to address this issue? Either you don't have qualified engineers or you don't care if customer has problems. If it is neither, then why do we have these problems? I sincerely DO NOT think this is a Business Device. So far all my devices were Windows Mobile. I wanted to try Nokia as I read this to be Business device. Now I feel cheated by Nokia.

Bottom line: Nokia, stop making toys and start making some serious business phones that actually work for business people on the road.


A Business User of unfortunately purchased Nokia E-71 business mess.

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