Aquevix Dev News - Gearing up for Virtual Reality

Aquevix Dev News - Gearing up for Virtual Reality

Aquevix shows how virtual reality works. Exploring app development for virtual reality devices. An Aquevix team member exploring the Oculus VR experience.

Guess what? Aquevix is gearing up for app development for a whole new realm: Virtual Reality.

Keeping up with our road map, we've begun exploring app development for virtual reality devices.We got hands on the Oculus recently and are looking to start work on a prototype application soon.

Needless to say, our dev team was awestruck with the exciting prospect of developing apps that users will be able to 'see' and 'touch' albeit, virtually.

At Aquevix, we've always been of the opinion that Smart Technology, inclusive of Virtual reality & it's more popular cousin Augmented Reality ( made famous by the GLASS) is the way to go for the future. Nothing complements innovation more than the freedom of showing the user your idea in a way that he can interact and become a part of it!

Aquevix virtual reality An Aquevix team member exploring the Oculus VR experience.

We did a few GLASS apps the past year and that got us more interested in exploring more exciting platforms like this one. With Google set to revamp the GLASS and re launch it a new avatar, Virtual Reality for now, has got our R&D department interested.

Sure, it's an uncharted territory for us to begin with, but we're up to the challenge. In fact we may well come out with the app before this year ends.

Aquevix dev team testing the Oculus The dev team exploring the Oculus experience. (That's me in the green watching the screen)

To give you a little idea about the difference Virtual Reality can make to the present scheme of things:

Think of this: A real estate agent can help you browse through condos at three different parts of the world in a matter of 15 minutes with nothing but and Oculus to aid your decision making. Same way, a car showroom could help you browse through the interiors of dozens of luxury cars even if none of them are physically present in the showroom. Medical Science, Architecture, Engineering, Interior Decoration, Travel and Hospitality. You name it and Virtual Reality makes it better.

Aquevix dev team exploring the Oculus Our dev team may well churn out a prototype for VR by this year end.

Next week: We're eagerly waiting for the Brain interface Device, 'Emotiv' to arrive in office so we can start exploring it too!

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