Apple iOS 7 and what it means for mere mortals

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Apple iOS 7 and what it means for mere mortals

Last night I was watching Live streaming of Apple WWDC 2013 on my Apple TV. It was like a kid in the toy store where the manager was announcing the new toys they are going to bring in. I shared my enthusiasm with couple of high profile people I instantly recognised like Al Gore and Steve Wozniak, holding their breadth on what Apple computers have in store for us.

And there it was ... iOS 7. Reborn.

The most significant release since sliced bread (kind of).

In a way it was really. Think of it this way, iOS started a couple of years ago. iOS was a kid. Apple worked out kinks, added features, gave it time to grow. Now the new kid on the block has matured. New clothing, new persona and a host of features to make "our" lives easier.

Why does it matters?

I think it does. For more than 3 years I have used Android. Cool toy. But it really felt like a toy. You fiddle with it, you install apps. Then wonder what those apps are doing. Are they stealing my data? Who is watching them? Why do they crash so much? Hey, new feature: It tracks my face and does not dims the screen. Oh wait.. I was looking, why did it turn screen off? Wrong angle? Maybe I should hold it in front of me at 60 deg angle. Or maybe the lighting was not enough. You get the point.

And then I switched to iPhone 5. Surprisingly I was not fiddling with my phone at all. I was actually using it. I stopped to think about it and realised its because I do not have so many settings and choices to fiddle with.

Innovations are important. And Android is all about innovations. But iOS is all about user experience.

As Sir John Ive said in the video presentation last night: Simplicity isn't simple.

We expect iOS 7 to set a new precedence in user experience. All things simplified, working seamlessly and for the user to bring a unique, ubiquitous device that just works. Let the fun begin.

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