7 deadly mistakes in mobile app development startups must avoid! (4 of 7)

Jay Kaushal
Jay Kaushal
7 deadly mistakes in mobile app development startups must avoid! (4 of 7)

What mistakes startups must avoid in mobile app development? Part 4 of 7 part series of most common myths about mobile app development.

Part 4 of our 7 part series where we look at most common myths about mobile app development. Experience matters.

Myth #4: If we outsource building our mobile app, we are stuck with that company forever

REALITY: Working with an outsourced company will make it easier to learn and develop internal teams.

When working with a good mobile app development company, you get transparency with issues and how they are solved. You experience decision making and how experienced engineers implement best practices and solve problems. This is immensely valuable for start-ups and businesses alike who have no experience with mobile app development. The learning curve helps transform their own strategy for hiring their internal team in future.

Further code developed with an app development company is well designed, well written and is easily understood by other mobile app development companies with a good skill set.

The goal of a good outsourcing company should not be to engage a customer for long term because they are stuck. Rather it should be because the customer feels they get excellent value for the price and the outsourced company is an important partner in their business.

Many clients resist outsourcing because they’re afraid they won’t be able to maintain a long relationship, mostly because of cost. Usually this is because of unknown status of funding for future operations and the fear of entering into a long term relationship with the outsourced company. However if you consider the alternative that your self-funded team may not be able to produce the desired results, its much better to bet on a known than an unknown.

At the end, you own the code you paid for. You can take it anywhere and well written code is easily understandable and transferable to other companies or to internal teams.

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