7 deadly mistakes in mobile app development startups must avoid! (7 of 7)

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What mistakes startups must avoid in mobile app development? Part 7 of 7 part series of most common myths about mobile app development.

Finally, our last part 7 of our 7 part series where we look at most common myths about mobile app development. Do you really have the experience you think you "may" have?

Myth #7: Developing for mobile is same as developing for any other system

Reality: mobile app development is very different than other systems

Each platform in software development has its own to-do and not-to-dos. Mobile is not any different.

When developing apps for Desktop for example, we need to consider speed, rich UI and ease of data access. For web we need to consider reduced network utilization, layouts and balancing of server resources.

Similarly, in the case of mobile app development, some of the most important aspects are:

  1. Optimal network utilization
  2. Optimized memory usage and
  3. Optimum CPU usage.
  4. Preventing battery drainage
  5. Efficient usage of caching and offline access
  6. leveraging advanced hardware like GPS, accelerometer, gyrometer, proximity sensor, NFC, bluetooth LE etc
  7. Understand and use screen rotation, layouts for multiple devices and UI flow.

So if you are used to one of other platforms, mobile will still throw a different set of challenges for you to tackle. Simply put, mobile app development is a completely different challenge from the rest.

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