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APIs are the foundation of any successful web or mobile business app.
APIs allow seamless integration and the ability to generate business from external sources.

What is an API

An API or Application Programming Interface is a programming logic for accessing a web based app. An API acts as a software to software interface enabling apps to interact without any user knowledge or intervention. Behind every outstanding web application or mobile app, there is a feature rich API. In the world of app development, all apps are powered by numerous highly specialized APIs, each API developed to serve a specific function. This is why API development becomes so important.


How can a well thought out strategy for API development benefit your business?

APIs create an open architecture enabling the sharing of content and data between businesses and communities
APIs help build stronger organization-customer relationships
Publishing an API helps develop a stronger brand status for your business
APIs are a smart way to build strategic alliances with other businesses
APIs enable scalable growth
APIs are platform and programming technology neutral

Types of API

There are two different mobile app development approaches.

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Pure Restful API

These are entity based designs where entities represent tables in a database or objects of a system. Rest api development is preferred due to simplicity and performance. REST is often used in mobile apps, social networking web applications, mashup tools, and automated business processes.
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DTO aka Data Transfer Objects API design refers to action based implementation where APIs are developed to perform intensive operations and internal data structures remain unexposed. This API design is primarily used in most business applications where business rules and logic is required.

What an API can do for your business

Builds stronger customer relations
Builds stronger brand status
Allows integration with other businesses
Promotes unrestricted growth
Enhances stronger IT architecture
Future ready & technology neutral


APIs developed according to our api development process have these features:

OAuth2 Authentication/ Authorization
Horizontal/ Vertical Scalable
Injection Safe
Strong Role Based Security
Cloud or Self Hosted
Using Open Source
Standards Complaint
WebSocket Ready
XML/ JSON Response
Standard HTTP codes
Stateless Design
DevOps Ready


We leverage the smartest technologies available for api development. We develop APIs that are extremely reliable and well designed.

MySQL/ Postgresql DB
MongoDB/ Couchbase/ Cassandra Document DB
ArangoDB/ OrientDB Graph DB
SockJS/ STOMP/ Websockets
Pure RESTful or DTO design
Ansible Deployed
OAuth2/ JWT Security

API Development At Glance

The acronym API stands for Application Programming Interface. API is a set of protocols, subroutine definitions, and tools for building software applications. API development is a modern web development, which leads to the communication between different web services. It may be for a web-based system, database system, operating system, hardware system or software library. A best API provides software to software interaction.

The main benefits of custom API development are standardization, simplification and hiding the complexity.

Why APIs?

Imagine, can a business survive without the utilizating APIs? May be, but it can miss a lot since the rise of the cloud era.

Custom API is the best way to develop a bridge between various applications to allow data to be shared and executed smoothly. The data sharing can be partial or full depending upon the business requirements. Since a custom API performs all the data transfer and processing; it ultimately saves cost and time of updating the system on a regular basis. A best API also help in preventing human errors that occur due to updating data on numerous systems. To save hours of works, a custom API can help you automate many aspects of your business.

These days B2B and B2C organizations are sharing information and reaching new customers using custom API. This simply represents a business tool to achieve massive revenues from usage fees and referrals.

API developers like us, provide consultation and development of best APIs as well as the integration of third party custom APIs. We provide best APIs that are secure, solve business issues and also customized both in terms of functionality and look.

  • Integrating third-party APIs – To fetch and process data from one database/source into another application.
  • Custom APIs development – To connect multiple databases/systems together for data synchronization and processing.
  • APIs customization – Updating existing custom APIs and systems to transfer and process different data.

Benefits Of Using Best APIs In Your Business

Most businesses don’t understand what API’s are and what they can do for their business. The amazing benefits of API development facilitate businesses to coordinate with system owners and other stakeholders. This in turn improves the organization’s systems and unlock the massive potential. Here are few points of how a best API can help your business-

  • Improved Site Loyalty & Conversion Rates – For example you are holiday firm. Your website will be having several pages about destinations your firm provide packages for. It should have beautiful images and other information. But if a customer need to know what’s the currency or current weather of that destination, he will simply search google for that required information. At that point you have potentially lost a customer. With custom APIs your website could be empowered to cater the latest data. Pulling in currency details from XE, weather reports from and flights from a travel provider could offer all the answers your customer needs without leaving the site.
  • Empower Your Lead Generation With Social Insights – Active businesses will be managing their customer database and their social presence for loyalty or marketing. With custom APIs you could be executing a more holistic database that utilize social signals to match email addresses against social media profiles. To build a better understanding of who is active with the brand across the marketing touch points, these profiles can then be examined against the Twitter or Facebook followers/fans.
  • Automation – Custom APIs grant machines to handle the workload, which would otherwise require manual intervention. This can be as simple as having one content update propagate to multiple sections of a website (or multiple websites) at once. Though, custom APIs authorize not just your team but also your business to refurbish workflows so that they can be done with fewer steps and greater productivity.
  • Better Partnerships – The mission of every business is boosted by like-minded non-profits and businesses, who are keen to use business’s information and services to provide services. They basically consume and repurpose business’s material into new and useful products. Hence, putting company’s content in front of their customers. This can lead to innovation because any citizen with a good idea can create the next killer app for your communities.
  • To Rejuvenate Organizational Structure – By using best APIs to manage internal processes, companies often discover the opportunity to modernize and revamp their business to allow the ‘composable enterprise’. The pivotal role of composable enterprise approach is that by dividing business functionalities and services into small pieces, it becomes possible to create new business value chains by developing their services, data and functionalities into new configurations. It even authorize businesses and enterprises to access a greater range of resources. It allows non-core business operational elements to be moved to external providers and cloud-based services.
  • Increase Efficiency – Providing API access enables content to be developed once and automatically spread or made available to many channels. Your business’s content is ready for easy redistribution and sharing to achieve your mission.
  • Harnessing Remote Storage For Your Business – Storing files on cloud is now commonplace. Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon all provide user level file storage with Dropbox and providing user and business services also. If your work relies on storing files or offering users a branded space for policy documents, images or itineraries; then a custom API for cloud storage could be the thing.
  • Wider Reach – By enabling anyone to build a new presentation layer, like an app, a website, or a widget. APIs can be utilized to distribute information and services to new audiences and in specific contexts that can be transformed to offer customized user experiences. Users who do not come to your website can get company’s information or services from apps or other websites that they regularly visit.

API Development As Per Business Needs

Our skilled and talented team of API developers believe in offering the highest levels of services to all clients regardless of the nature, size or volume of their business. Our API developers have a vast knowledge of object classes, data structures, cloud architecture solutions and other essential API routines. This makes API development process seamless, helps us to integrate scalable, robust and future solutions for your business requirements.

We can classify APIs into two basic types – internal and external.

  • Internal APIs – These custom APIs are used within a company or organization. REST is growing among all industries and it can wrap an existing SOAP/HTTP or .NET services.
  • External APIs – These custom APIs are available externally for consumers. Generally, external APIs are written based on REST/JSON. They are easier to use and have integration capabilities, leveraging web services such as WSDLS.

API Development can be for following

  • API Development For Mobile Apps – With the increasing use of smartphones across all domains, more and more mobile apps are being developed every day. Mobile apps have rapidly become a potential medium for businesses of all kinds. Custom software developers like us create best APIs for your mobile apps to achieve check data usage, account balances, pay bills, schedule appointments, finding map locations using the GPS.
  • API Development For Cloud Computing – Cloud APIs enable software to request data and computations from services by using a direct or indirect integrations. These could be vendor specific or cross-platform. Using cloud-based API, administrators and developers are able to incorporate applications into the cloud.
  • API Development For Web-Based Services – A web-based API works as an interface for both the web browser and web server. It acts as a framework for developing HTTP services that can be utilized by a broad range of customers including browsers, tablets and smartphones.
  • API for Legacy Systems – Enabling legacy systems with APIs provide a world of opportunity to unlock your vast investments as well as open the potential to automate your systems.

Technical Aspect Of API Development

We leverage the smartest technologies available for API development. Custom software developers like us develop best APIs that are extremely well designed and reliable. We understand your requirements and specialize in providing high quality and scalable API services for your excellent web presence.

Most APIs can be implemented regardless of the technology used by the developers. Yet, as many APIs make client libraries available. We can take a stab at the most popular programming languages for developing best APIs. Yet, practically all languages out there have great package managers that can help you to take benefits to simplify your Restful API development. The most popular languages for the libraries:

  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • Java
  • Python
  • .NET/ C#
  • Node/ JavaScript
  • Perl
  • ActionScript
  • ColdFusion

No matter what your business is, a best API can help you amazingly to get and retain customers. The style of the custom API will impact its usability across various consuming language models/architectures. It may even leverage the overall style of the application. The modes of access may establish levels of build-time and deployment dependencies as well as opportunities. The methods of access for APIs are as follows-

  • Software Library – a collection of software assets used to develop programs accessed as a defined API (specified interfaces) in the host language and connected locally to the program.
  • Remote (Network) – a collection of software assets used to develop programs accessed on another computing device over a network.
  • Message Oriented Middleware – a refinement of Remote Access Method that creates a virtual communication network of software and hardware components employing the use of intermediary queues.

Get Your Restful API

REST (REpresentational State Transfer) is an architectural style, an approach to communications that is often utilized in the process of API Development. The use of RESTful API is often favoured over the more heavyweight SOAP style because it does not leverage as much bandwidth. This makes RESTful APIs a better fit for use over the Internet.

RESTful API is often used in mobile applications, social networking websites, mashup tools, and automated business processes. Advantages of RESTful API development are listed below-

  • RESTful applications are easy to leverage by most tools, including those that are inexpensive and free.
  • It is a better choice for Web scale applications, and certainly for cloud-based platforms.
  • REST is often chosen as the architecture for services that are exposed via the Internet (like Facebook, Twitter and most public cloud providers).

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